David Charles Manners, co-founder of Sarvashubhamkara, is the author of
In the Shadow of Crows

a spellbinding account of love and loss, a lyrical ode to the wonderful and terrible beauty of India, and a masterly meditation on an interweaving of separate lives that ultimately led to the founding of the charity. 

2nd edition available soon

'A journey into another world that tells a story which is at once accomplished, intriguing and moving.'
Gilda O'Neill, novelist and author of the Sunday Times Best Seller 'My East End'.

'Highlights with compassion an Indo-British connection that has always been swept out of sight.'
Chandralekha Mehta, niece of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, and author of 'Freedom's Child'.

'I was so moved by this extraordinary story, and by the spiritual strength of the rejected people it describes. We have material wealth but are lost: they have nothing and are found.'
Dame Felicity Lott, CBE, Soprano.

'The interwoven narratives that form the core of In the Shadow of Crows are about transformation and redemption, of working through places of darkness and loss, and of finding wisdom in the unlikeliest of places. This is storytelling that touches the heart, a much-needed reminder in this time of fragmentation that it is only through our connecting with each other that we can fully realise our humanity.'
Manjari Mehta, Doctor of Anthropology.